How to build a Formidable network in 2022

The internet is filled with a lot of the same old empty promises, and I am plain sick of them. You have seen these headlines before, like “How to make 100 dollars per day” or “How to make 1000 dollars a day”.  By now we all know this is clickbait, which is sad but is a profound truth about the limited opportunities that provide such outcomes. If there was one link out there that actually lived up to the promise, I’m sure it would break the internet. However, this is likely not to be the case. For those of you looking to do something more practical than doing a million surveys in hopes that you’ll make 100 dollars, I have an even better challenge. How do you build a network? Hold on, let’s rephrase that, how do you build a network from scratch? It’s sad how hard it is to get some of the people who have known you your whole life to follow you or like a comment. What’s sadder is don’t have to put half the effort to get a stranger to do the same exact thing.

Bumble Bizz

When I first got on Bumble, I used it as a way to meet women. I kind of ignored the Bizz feature for a while, not realizing it’s underlying benefits. For one, you get to meet people who are legit trying to do the same thing as you in all different walks of life. Another benefit is that if you have a website, blog, or business, this is the best way to get your brand out there for free. It will also generate traffic for your website organically because will go from your profile to your website to see what your business is all about.

What are you selling me?

It could just be me, but I find it weird when I meet someone online for the first time, and they want to hop on a video conference call. Wait what, did I miss something. Usually, in a normal business environment, the person setting the meeting has an agenda. This is my issue with “jumping” on a call. I’ve explained in a previous post that my time is valuable, and you should adopt this notion. Do not waste your time on calls with people who just want to sale you something unless you truly are interested in the product.  Again, what is the agenda? What product are you selling me? How did you qualify me as a lead? If you are the type of person to do this, I am giving the reason some people don’t jump on the call. I just don’t want to be rude and tell you I’m not interested after your 2-hour-long pitch.

Great minds Think Alike

Finding common ground with a person is your quickest path to earning a friend, follower, colleague, etc. Screen your potential associates and have distinctive criteria that leaves wiggle room for outliers. If you are into finance, then find people that are in that bubble in various forms. Your network should be like a party, filled with cool people that you invited.

Get Feedback

You have to be customer-centric. Also, do not ask your friends and family to critique your products. The reason is there is just too much bias energy either way. They may not want to hurt your feelings, or they may think they are doing you a favor by encouraging you to pursue your dream. You need to know your customer. I look for people who are looking for growth in their lives and advice. I ask them to give me an opinion. That’s it. Fortune 500 companies are expected to spend between 34.6 to 52.3 billion this year to get feedback from trade shows, surveys, and email blast. If you find a platform that can give you direct access to your potential customers, don’t try to shove your existing products down their throat. Do the opposite, ask them what do they think. Ask them if they would buy if it were for sale, if not, why? What would they buy, or even better, what have they bought in the past? Overtime, you’ll have a plethora of data that could be the catalyst for the next biggest innovation in your industry.


Try to think outside the box. There are too many people out there doing the same things they did in the 90s and trust me those days are over. Those days of posting random affiliate links on sites in hopes of clicks are over. The days of cult like marketing groups selling invisible products are probably not over, but they are definitely played out. Sale something you can be proud of so that you don’t have to do your presentations in the shadows. Ask your customers for feedback and welcome their criticism, and also put their suggestions into application regardless of your bias.

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