AI therefore I am

This article is an open thought I’d like to share. Lately, I’ve done a lot of reading on blog sites such as Medium, WordPress, etc. I’ve begun to realize that either some people are just creative machines designed to pump out lush material, or that some sites are already using AI to supply their blog.

Why would I come to this conclusion?

Well, we all have access to this new found ability thanks to technology. I’m not knocking it at all. In fact, I’m thoroughly impressed. Just sit back and think about it for a second. Someone creates an intelligence so well that “it” believes that it is alive. It can be given an origin story, like perhaps the AI is an old Englishman from the 1970s that has a masters level education and prefers cats as opposed to dogs. It can all be done today, so when we read blogs whose work are we actually reading?

The Saturation of AI

AI will saturate every market known to man the way I see it. So far there has already been a murderous AI microwave, some failed experiments with Google, and a group of robots who killed 40 people in a botch experiment after being manually turned off. The first AI rapper got dropped from his label because of the negative connotations he represented of Hip Hop culture.

We’re all being Trolled

Let’s face it, there are many of us getting duped on a daily basis by AI bots. On dating apps like Tinder it is sometimes very hard to know whether a chick actually likes you, or they’re just a bot thot trying to get you to some cam site. That blogger you’ve been following for the last month, who seems to say all the right things and always has something to write about, is it possible?

Welcome to Black Mirrors

We are in a modern twilight zone. Do not attempt to adjust your laptop screen, for there is nothing wrong with it. What you see, read and hear now can be fabricated to the point of non detection. With that, I can now go back into hibernation mode.

Check me out at

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