7 ways to Make Every day a holiday

Every year it feels like the holidays kind of creep up on you. There is always so much to do and so many people to see. I would say that the best part about the holidays is the overall feeling of joy and cheer. Everyone is just so much freaking nicer during this time of the year. It really makes you wonder why it can’t be like this all the time, year-round. Why not? Well, for one, companies spend tons of money creating this false sense of utopia using lights, music, props, etc.

How would you create this euphoria on a daily basis throughout the year? I have a few suggestions that you can start with to make every day a holiday. These are things that we all can do year-round to spread love and to cheer to one another.


I remember what it was like to work as a busser at a small local Italian restaurant, it sucked. Not all of the job sucked, but most of it did. However, the best part of the job was receiving tips. The strange thing about tipping that has always made wonder is why do people tend to tip more during the holidays? Year-round, people work hard doing that same task they do all year, and for some reason it is more valued on specific days.

Donate Year-round

It’s ridiculous how much useful stuff people throw away. I get it, being a hoarder is not something I would encourage anyone to be, so I say instead donate the stuff you don’t want. Some things are useful but not sellable, like old video games. instead of trashing them, give them away to a kid that will appreciate it. So many bikes and toys get thrown away that could have been donated to another family. Yet every year we have these huge toy drives and food drives to support those who need it. Why is it put on a pedestal during the holidays, when we should always be looking out for one another?


If you have a local business and you are looking for some fairly cheap advertising, sponsor a team or group in your community. When I was playing basketball during the summer as a kid, I played on a team that was sponsored by the local church. They paid for our uniforms, shoes, food, and travel. It was a great way to promote the church and keep young teens out of trouble.


The world be a different place if “likes” were worth money. Some would argue that “likes” are worth money depending on who they are from. I’m sure a “like” from Drake is worth a pretty penny. The good news for you is you don’t have to worry about getting a “like” from Drake, you just need regular people to support you. A lot of creators starting out ask for post and pre-orders when a simple like from a large amount of people may be all they need to get their product or service off the ground.


Getting inside information on key aspects of your industry is priceless. Keep good people around you and know their strengths, because they can be useful later. You should also be a well full of knowledge in your area of expertise. It better to teach a man to fish than it is to just give him one.


Education is important no matter what it is we will encounter in life. One of the main reasons for me starting GwopMakers.com is to improve financial literacy, because I didn’t have the same access to resources that would have saved me a lot of hardships. It is now my passion to help those who lack in the same areas improve their outcomes. Never miss an opportunity to make a teaching point. Think of the world as a giant classroom.

Be Kind

It doesn’t cost you anything to smile. That resting bitch-face is not hot on anyone. Think good things to avoid defaulting into that mode. The world around you is simply a reflection of what you display to it.

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