6 Free Sites to Boost your Salary in 2022

Inflation is wreaking havoc on the wallets of Americans. What once may have been sufficient to supply your daily needs is now insufficient. A war in Europe is causing major global ramifications in terms of energy cost, as well as production of wheat globally. The old approach of getting a side job is a futile reality for many. Doing Uber Eats will perhaps cover your gas and beer cost, but it will not be enough to survive on. I scoured the web looking for resources that would help the average Joe level up in today’s playing field. The cost of education has increased up to 5% every year with very little added value. If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that we can learn anywhere. The big auditorium filled with students is not necessary, and it doesn’t help you network any better than a small chat would. If you have ever been to college or any other institution that is not free, then you know how much books can cost.

Boost your salary

I have curated a list of free learning resources to help boost your value as a professional in today’s competitive environment. Some of these resources will give access to Ivy League level training, of which some would argue is the best education you can buy. I’ll tell you from personal experience that there is a huge difference in the quality of learning you get from an Ivy League professor. They are usually well-versed and seasoned in their field of study, not saying this is not the same for the others, but you will notice the difference in the class lectures.

Get job

Coursera.org – This site partners with universities to offer online degrees.

edx.org– Edx also has a platform for universities to share educational information and resources.

Harvard.edu – Harvard is a widely known, prestigious private University that offers free lecture courses to the public.

Alison.com – This is a site that will map out your career options and find a course that will prepare for each level in your career path.

metrixlearning.com – Metrix is a learning management system that helps people improve their professional and skills while searching for jobs.

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The fastest growing Job industries in 2022

Job Title Anticipated Growth by 2022
Software developers and programmers279,500 jobs
Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations1.7 million jobs
Security Guards129,600 jobs
General and operations managers244,100 jobs
business operations specialists898,100 jobs
meeting, convention, and event planners31,300 jobs
 information security analysts27,400 jobs
architects, surveyors, and cartographers28,200 jobs
Richards, E. (2013, December 19). Occupational employment projections to 2022 : Monthly Labor Review: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bls.Gov. https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2013/article/occupational-employment-projections-to-2022.htm#:%7E:text=Total%20employment%20in%20the%20U.S.,construction%2C%20and%20personal%20care%20fields.

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