Top Online Tools I use in 2022

Top Online Tools

Growing up I played basketball and one of the first lessons you learn shooting a basketball is to follow through. As an adult, we lose track of this concept of following through. This is because we lose faith in the ball going through the hoop.

When you are young, you are told to reach for the stars. As you get older, age, you start to hear stuff like get a steady job. By the time you are approaching middle age, people tell you to have realistic goals.

I say there is no time better than the present. Seize the moment. I’m writing this on my phone while sipping lemonade on the patio, among other things. I started this blog in 2019, and I fell flat on my face. Furthermore, I still have no clue what I am doing. These are of the things I wish more influences spoke about. Tell me about when things get tough. Show me the way, or a way.

Let me at least get you started on ways I have gotten out of my rut. Mind you, I’m just like you. The only difference is where you are at in the process.

Foremost, I’m not going to go over how to freelance like Jedi, since I have covered this topic in a previous blog. Let’s talk about sharpening your tools. If you’ve either worked for or started a business, you have used tools. These tools can physical, technical or virtual. What tools are you lacking to get the job done in the most efficient way.

I was probably one of the last of my generation that adopted a smartphone. The reason was I just simply could not justify spending more than a couple of smartphone a hundred dollars on a phone I might break or lose anyway. If you spend less than 200 dollars on a phone today, you either got a sweet promotion or got an inferior phone. Long story short, I got a smartphone eventually, and it changed my life. I would be able to type this blog on my previous phones and enjoy a nice, peaceful Sunday on my patio. This tool cost me around 800 dollars only because I bought outright no plan. You actually spend less this way in the long run. Anyway, this was expensive, but I needed more than I thought. It also serves as a utility for many other functions like:

  • TV
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Waterproof
  • Clock
  • Remote
  • Weather
  • GPS
  • Hotspot
  • Wallet
  • Video games
  • Typewriter
  • Computer

I show that list to create a picture in your mind. Think of how ridiculous you would look to carry all this stuff in a bag with you all day. This is what makes the smartphone such an effective tool.

How much is that CRM or RMML tool going to cost your business? Is that piece of equipment worth having on your shop floor? First movers have to be innovative and willing to take risks. Failure is a grave possibility, but what’s than failure is not proceeding at all. Propel your self for with the best resources you can afford. I’ll share with you some of the services I have used in the past and give you my honest review.


  • Slack – Slack is a tool I would recommend to any company seeking a way to communicate internally. It does all the basic very well such post, send, voice, notifications. Slack also has additional features that will you integrate with other platforms directly. The best part about Slack for me are the user customization options. I can go dark mode, choose from a plethora of emoji’s and customize my options. I think it’s always a good sign when your company becomes the verb for the tasks it accomplishes, i.e., “you can slack that over to me”.

Language Tool

  • LanguageTool –LanguageTool is an online tool is a powerful web extension that will help you proofread at light speed. It even has a pick mode if you are feeling extra bougie. LanguageTool will find grammatical mistakes as well as spelling errors. All you have to do is click the block of text you want to proofread, and it will do the rest. You can make one click corrections that would otherwise take you hours to do manually.


  • Canva – Canva started out as this cute little design site for making posters and signs of that sort. Now, it has transformed into this one-stop shop for all digital customer-facing media. Those cool looking titles and text on snap chat post that you saw recently most likely came from Canva. Marketers everywhere are using this tool to give them that creative edge when posting to social media.


  • Landr – As a music enthusiast, I have done my fair share of recording and editing audio. One of the biggest miles stones you can overcome in the recording process is getting your music mastered. This process ensures that all your frequencies are meeting at the most optimal levels without clipping. Landr automates this process for you, saving you time and bucket loads of money whether you’re mastering for music, film, or podcast. This is a very low-cost option for those looking to save a buck, however nothing is better than having an actually professional do the work, not yet anyway.


  • Atlasvpn – Security is a big issue in today’s world. I know this as an IT professional with many years in the industry practicing good policy and implementing safeguards. A VPN is a basic necessity if you plan on operating remotely or on the go to your hub office. Altasvpn give you unlimited VPN access to all your devices. They provide 24/7 around the clock support, as well as full-fledged email protection. The best part about their service is that it is affordable. You will be happy to find plans as low as $1.99 per month.


  • Camtasia – Camtasia is used mostly by nerds and sales people on YouTube to demonstrate/market products. The software has a user-friendly interface that allows users to record while presenting. Once you’ve recorded your video, you have a number of choices of how you would like to share it. I would say the best thing about this tool is the ease of use. You can use short keys to start and end sessions. You also have drag and drop timelines that can be tweaked to your liking.

Adobe Kuler

  • Adobe Kuler – I came across Kuler when I was trying to create a mock-up of a company, logo using the same colors. Kuler allow me to not only get the exact color code of the logo, but also generated a few side swatches that complimented the logo as well. This tool is perfect if you are trying to get the same exact color of anything. Kuler will break down the image into several color categories and lets you choose what looks best. The Kuler app also lets you take images and form them into patterns.


  • Udemy – I have taken numerous, and classes on Udemy. I’ll admit some were very informative, and I learned a lot. However, there were others that made me feel like I literally just signed up to repeat college. The point is that you have to find the courses that will benefit you as an individual, or you will not finish some of these robust courses. Professors on Udemy give you a lot of resources and materials, so it’s not just all lecturing. Not all courses are equal, nor are the teaching styles. You may not like a course just because of a teacher’s accent or low monotone delivery. This is why there is such a diverse group of teachers on Udemy, to compensate for the diverse group of students using its platform.


  • Evernote is a great note writing application that can do more than take notes. It allows you to store your notes in a virtual notebook and you can bookmark, highlight or organize them however you want. One of the coolest feature in Evernote is the ability to synchronize your notes with our devices you access. There is nothing like being able to access your information on the go.


I hope all of this information was of some use to you. It is important that you know that I don’t see a dime from any of the products mentioned in this article, except for Atlasvpn. This is just my honest review on products and services I actually use or have used in the recent past. If any of my sponsorships should change in the future, I will update my blog to reflect that. Feel free to support my blog below if you found value in this article.

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