5 Keys to Becoming a Freelance Jedi

Learn to Freelance

Learn to freelance with skill and poise. There are people out there with full time jobs that find themselves freelancing to make ends meet.


Align yourself with other Freelance Jedi’s. You can improve each others cause. Heck, it’s always a way to get a discount is by doing business with friends. Ask people what they do, I mean really do. That guy next to you may be a potential real estate investor looking for his first deal. You can capitalize if you can contract a wholesale deal or just bird dog a property over to him directly. Neither of the options require a license. I say only because I’m amazed what you can find out about a person in less than 30 minutes. We are all bosses and employees being interviewed at all times. If you think like that, you will see a huge difference in your appearance and your conversation.


Health may seem like an odd ball for this topic, but think about it. As a freelancer, you depend a lot on yourself. How can you build a business if you are sick, have low self-esteem, or just feel like crap? Sometimes, the mere stress of overworking yourself can cause you to look like you are in pain. When really it’s just that person’s internal thoughts preparing them for the gut-wrenching day he or she is about to endure. Health can at the very least mitigate some of these issues. Try improving your diet and see how it affects your work day. Another thing to keep in mind are the products you consume. Sometimes the products we put in our body can cause major issues internally and externally. If you are getting over the counter products that are harming body such as skin, face, etc. You should into buying organic options such the one’s listed at safeandchic.com.

Also, pay attention to how effects other things like weight, libido, mood, etc. Just be aware. Focus on areas for improvement. Some of just need more sleep, while others may need more salad. Health is a huge topic that impacts all of us, but it really effects those of us who are workaholics and don’t know when to sign out.


Information is the most valuable commodity you can have. Learn how to research current topics in your field to obtain a broader scope in your freelancing business. For example, if you sell products online and want to what new products may be trending, you can use free resources like google trends to see what’s hot and what’s not.


Figure out your daily or weekly business processes. By monitoring this, you can then figure out a way to automate as much of each process as you can. Keep doing this until you have simplified your work load. Sounds so easy, but so many of us continue to do the same long way of doing things just because we fear change. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Well, imagine if Apple or Google did not innovate within their industry’s? Imagine if they just stayed the same. Even the best businesses have to trim fat and work smarter, so should you. When this becomes natural, you will feel the force as a Freelance Jedi.


This can also include testing new ideas or marketing campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. Some spend millions of dollars testing new products and marketing campaigns. You can actually get free credit on your Bing Ads account or Google Ads account by simply asking anywhere from $100 to $150, a pretty Sweet way to get started testing ads. Overall, you want to be proactive. I know so many gifted people spending so much time watching YouTube and listening to podcast. There’s nothing with that, but think about what they would have learned if they spent half their time putting the steps into application. As I stated in a previous blog, seek your own results. In other words, don’t sit on the sidelines.


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