5 F’s Holding You Back From Executing


The best thing I ever did was pursue an idea that could work. When I started off drop-shipping, I thought it was not real. However, I quickly found that if you have all the right pieces in place, anything is possible. Fear of starting, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of scrutiny. We all have fears. The hardest part of any business is execution. Don’t wait for others to give you results, seek them out yourself. If you are lucky, you will find a mentor who has done it and can guide you through the Inferno like Virgil. Otherwise, it’s all on you and your team.


There’s always that Kevin Hart moment, you know, the joke about the “way my account work is.” Funny and so true. Every needs some funding in the beginning. The reality is when your operation is not even an operation then you feel like what’s the point The key factor is are you generating profit, and you scale it is what I say. When you make a dollar, and it cost you .15 cents, it’s like becoming your own bank. Any input you receive in the business should generate an even higher output. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?


This one can be for many reasons. The most common is being told you can’t do it because of this….or that…but truth is many have proven such things wrong. When I hear miracle stories of people surviving the most traumatic events, you can imagine they make me feel spoiled. If this guy can survive the desert with no food for days and one arm, then what the hell do I have to complain about?

The other is more like family business, but like business. More like miscellaneous problems that exist somewhere. I’m no psychologist, but like you, I have a family. Which means we both understand that every family, both rich and poor, have their issues. The bad part, that this failure in the family can leak into your business.


Will work for food. You’ve seen that sign before. Funny, when I see a “we’re hiring” sign on a business and I see what they pay, it says to me “will hire for food.” People are work 2 or 3 jobs right now. Unemployment looks great, but look at the underemployment numbers. You used to have to your 9 to 5. Then you dig in deep from 5 to 9. However, today you might get a 2 to 4 between your 12 to 2. Sounds crazy, but this is the life a lot of us live to make it.

The good news, is that you don’t need the 5 to 9. Tim Ferriss says all you need is 4 hours. You may not even need that. With today’s handy tools and resources, you can operate like a boss on an employee salary, but this it ain’t what you think this is. You got a trim fat and dump dead weight in your spending, habits and personal relationships. Which brings to the next F holding you back.


Lack of focus. Oh my gosh, would you please put the freaking phone down! Has someone ever told you that? It’s probably because they want your undivided attention, I’m just guessing. People lose friendships over this, let alone business deals. Learn to listen more if you are a talker. You know who you are. Let somebody else say something, they might shock you. Also, keep your eye on the ball. Some don’t even have a ball to keep our eyes on, we just run aimlessly on the field of life with no direction. Set some goals, then go and be obsessed with achieving them. Then do it all over again.

So, what the F, I mean which F is holding you back? Feel free to leave a comment.

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