The Struggles of being an Entrepreneur in 2022

Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you want to be an Entrepreneur? I mean, really think about it. You spend many nights without sleep, betting on your next big idea. It’s a very lonely feeling to know you lost, and it was because of you. Your wins are few but glorious in your eyes because a small glimmer of hope means success is inevitable. Family members plead with you to find something stable, but your dream is much bigger than that 9 to 5.

If this is you then trust me are in the same boat. Maybe you realized just limited your profession is, or just plain out became jaded with the system in general. Whatever the case is, you want out of this matrix. Well, let me give you some pointers before you jump off the deep end and decide to make your hustle a full time lifestyle.

It’s ok to take risk, but not at the expense of others. Having willing investors is different from you needed cash to keep your business on a respirator. If the business is failing, chances are no one would be willing to invest in it, so don’t try raising money at the end. If you know you require funding, there are plenty of sources that will help you gain capital. Just think about it. Ten years ago, you couldn’t raise money on the internet as easily as you can today. Not to mention, you can do so much for free now that money is just is an excuse. Unless you got purchase orders you can’t fulfill or software that requires programming, you pretty much don’t need money.

What you require is a service or product you can monetize. Jack Ma CEO of Alibaba says building a platform for others is even better. Jeff Besos says that simply doing something faster or better can be a way to achieve competitive advantage in your market. Warren Buffett credits the success of Berkshire Hathaway to his capacity for constantly learning.

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