Why You Should Start Freelancing.

Remember that book The World is Flat? Well now, the world is freaking competitive. I mean really if you make music, and you sell beats or rap, guess what, everybody sells beats and raps. At least that’s how it will feel as a young hip hop artist. I use this analogy because it is something I can relate to but you should do the same. Channel your inner greatness and challenge your ability to outsmart the rest of us. This is freelancing in the 21st century. Everybody has a side hustle. According to Upwork.com, “50% of millennials are already freelancing” and “are growing at a rate 3x the rate of the U.S. workforce” which has been the case “since 2014.”

Facts, is it me, or do you also notice how certain fast food chains are pushing you to use what I call the digital cashier. Let me tell you, these people are the most determined employees I’ve ever seen at McDonald’s, oops, I mean this place. Anyway, they politely direct you to the machine now and coach you through it. I say they are good at their jobs because I rebelled. I demanded to have a human being take my simple order of 2 cheeseburgers and a large drink. Of course, they insisted I use the digital cashier. I admit, this thing is convenient. I push a few buttons, I take my time, I get a receipt, it’s like ok. So now, I walk in and go straight to the machine. I don’t look at the counter, I look up to see my order in progress.

My point is, don’t you see what has happened. You, the customer, just got trained on being a voluntary employee. Yes, if you didn’t press the buttons, someone else would be. It’s getting to be like that everywhere. Not to mention, with artificial intelligence looming around the corner, we got some tough roads ahead of us. I started affiliate marketing because I had to see if it could actually work. That’s how I am in anything I do. The proof is in the pudding. Jay-Z said at an award show, “men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.” It’s true. Once you see the potential growth, or non growth, of a project/hustle/idea/venture/etc. I’m going off track, sorry about that. I tend to rant. This blogging thing is still new to me. The point is, freelancing is going to be the major source of many incomes in the next 5 years. A bold statement, but I am a betting man.

You can find out on how to get started freelancing here.

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