The 4 Hour Work Week Review

A review on The 4 Hour Workweek

In case you haven’t heard of The 4 Hour Workweek this will be my overall review of Tim Ferriss’s work. To start off, this is not your typical self development book. The first couple chapters will get you to re-evaluate your self and your habits. Then Tim turns up the notch by introducing new philosophies , atleast new to me, such as batching activities. Example, no one with a brain washes clothes everyday. We typically batch this activity by washing clothes once or twice a week. The same could be done with checking email or voicemail.

He also talks about many self employers becoming the employee of their business instead of being the CEO. This mistake occurs when entrepreneurs spread themselves thin when they should be hiring Virtual Assistants to do the heavy lifting. This book gives you pointers on how to book the cheapest flights and find the most affordable places to travel. If anything, I’d consider this a reference guide for entrepreneurial activities. Overall the book may be 5 or 10 years ahead of its time since most people don’t even know what a VA is. Theres levels to this.

Entrepreneurship and online marketing

Entrepreneurship and online marketing go hand in hand in today’s world. One does not exist without the other. Tim covers both of those areas in great detail. To some readers he will sound a bit crazy but to those who have spent the hours pushing products, ads, videos, music and God knows what else online. We know the sweat equity required to launch a business idea. A 4 hour week, really? Apparently we’ve been hustling backwards. Its not about input but rather output. This book will get you ready to start thinking more like a machine. Thats what it takes.

If you would like to hear more in depth tips on how to market a business or even your own business online click here.

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