5 Tips Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I started affiliate marketing as a way to produce more income. It seemed like an easy way to make some money but its not as glorious as one might think. I signed up for a udemy.com course and within a week of putting everything I learned into practice I was able to earn my first commission. Thats the good part. The rest is a struggle for the average person trying to make it big off of $5 bing ads. Here are some to be aware of as a newbie in the Affiliate marketing game. Again, I’m a a newbie too so this article was made to help you gain from my experience.

What is the meaning of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Some Things you should do:

Editorial Reviews

Whether you are using Bing Ads or Google Ads you will inevitably fall into the mercy of an editorial review. Advertisers do reviews to make sure your page does not violate its ad policies. However, if you are a beginner this process can seem to take forever, usually 48 hours before being approved or disapproved. To avoid long reviews and repeated disapprovals call the ad company and ask why your ad is taking so long to review.


Budgeting for Affiliate Marketing Ads

How much should you bid for your keywords in the beginning. The key word here is the beginning. A tip picked up from my handy dandy Udemy course is that you don’t want to bid more than 1% of your commission. So if your commission is $10 then your bid on keywords word start off around 10 cents.





Finding Keywords

Keywords will make or break your PPC (pay per click) ad campaign. The biggest you want to avoid is the shotgun affect, where you’re shooting in all directions hoping to hit something. Instead I find it easy to manage less keywords that super relevant to what I’m promoting. That basic principle will get you to top of the page.


Tracking Conversions
Do not start your ad without tracking your conversions properly.The worst thing you can do is have a successful campaign with no tracking template added to it. It basically means that you are working for free. This is an easy step to miss because its so easy to do.
Give Value
Everything thing is about providing value these days. I personally don’t promote products I wouldn’t buy. Not knocking anyone who does. I just don’t want deal with the additional research I’d have to put in to compete with other marketers who already specialized that niche.


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